Total Support

Total Support

The TOTAL SUPPORT proposed by Hino places emphasizes on “Caring for Our Customers’ Business Needs,” aiming to contribute to their business requirements and success throughout the lifetime of our product.

Team Hino always shows gratitude and respect for our customers and have a “Customer’s Business First” mindset. We act as one team to make contributions to our customers’ business and future.

Hino’s TOTAL SUPPORT represents all our business activities collaborating to build trust with our customers and to recognized as a “Partner of the Customer”.

In TOTAL SUPPORT we listen to the customers’ voice to nurture a partnership.

This is the reason our customers find Hino as a Reliable Partner.


Aims and Objectives
Spare Parts

Hinopak maintains the inventory of spare parts at its own warehouses and dealerships to ensure our customers’ vehicle stays operational and on road without any disruption.

Technical Training

Hinopak always puts best efforts to develop and strengthen its Dealers’ and Customers’ technicians by providing latest Technical Trainings.