Hinopak Motors Limited is committed to have all its operations safe and protected against all hazards affecting occupational safety & health of its employees:

 Our Aim at Hinopak is: 

  • To create and develop such working conditions and environment which are conducive to safety & health of employees. 

  • To make our process free from accidents and illnesses, gradually.

  • To work in an organized manner to make Continual Improvement in the area of Occupational Safety & Health.

  • To make objective based efforts for reducing unsafe and unhealthy work practices / conditions.

  • To educate/train our employees in the area of Occupational Safety & Health and make continuous efforts to create awareness among all concerned on the subject.

  •  To develop an adequate investigation system which can help avoiding reoccurrence of accidents.

  •  To comply with all the applicable legal & other requirements / regulations and to cooperate with the authorities concerned.

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