Environment management System

Hinopak conducted its Initial Environmental Review (IER) in the year 2001 to ascertain its capability for adopting ISO14001 standard. In a very short span of time Hinopak management adopted ISO14001 management system and became the first automobile company in Pakistan to get this qualification.

Hinopak in its mission to promote activities that reduce environmental impacts and as directive from the principal Hino Motors Japan acquired ISO 14001:1996 in 2001. In 2005, we successfully upgraded our ISO 14001:1996 Standard to new ISO 14001:2004 Standard and again became the first automobile company in Pakistan as well as in Hino Group to achieve this qualification worldwide.

Environmental Audits

Regular audits are conducted to ensure that our EMS is in line with ISO 14001:2004 international standard and is properly implemented and maintained. Top management reviews results of audits on regular basis to verify that the Hinopak EMS spiral up continually.
Two days EMS Internal Audit Training was held on 6-7 June 2007 to develop team of auditors, whose expertise would be utilized for the effective execution of audits.
During Sept. 2007, recertification audit was conducted in which no major or minor nonconformity was registered.

Training and Awareness

At Hinopak, various educational activities are organized to give environmental awareness to employees, suppliers and customers. We make it a point that our people develop greater consciousness and sense of responsibility towards the environment. Trainings related to Operational Control, Energy Conservations and Emergency Response are on our regular agenda. Every new employee whether appointed in management or worker cadre is given orientation on EMS.
Country wide free services and tune-up camps are regularly organized to educate the general transport customers on the need to maintain healthy environment. Such activity demonstrates our commitment to a better environment and road safety.

We organize technical training program free of cost free of drivers and mechanics. Topics range from Road Safety to Vehicle Maintenance, etc. to inculcate consciousness for safe, optimum, pollution free performance of our products

Environmental Communication

In our effort to ensure that our commitment to the environment pays off quickly in practical results, it is essential to get stakeholders to understand our business activities and to build strong bonds of cooperation. Effective communication is the most powerful way of bringing this about.
Effective Information like Policy, significant environmental aspects and main environmental issues are available on our website: Similarly, Company’s newsletters, bulletin board, Financial Annual Report are also used for communicating in and out, the progress performance of EMS


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