۩  Mr. Muhammad Aslam Sanjrani

۩  Mr. Yoshihiko Nanami

۩  Mr. Akira Uchida

۩  Mr. Mushtaq Malik

۩  Mr. Koji Nagata

۩  Mr. Akio Ishikawa

۩  Ms. Nargis Ali Akbar Ghaloo

۩  Mr. Syed Junaid Ali (Departmental Head Finance and Company Secretary)







Mr. Muhammad Aslam Sanjrani was appointed in November 2013 as non-executive director of the Companyand Chairman of the board of directors.


Mr. Muhammad Aslam Sanjrani joined the Civil Service of Pakistan in 1971 and served 35 years in a variety of posts that included Administration assignments like District Magistrate, Commissioner (of Hyderabad and Larkana divisions), Secretary to the Government of Sindh and Balochistan, Autonomous and regulatory Bodies. He has worked in the Ministries of Commerce, Political affairs, Industries and Production and Foreign Affairs besides being the Secretary to the Government of Pakistan for Overseas Pakistanis. He was also the Chief Secretary of Sindh Province.


During the service, he has represented Pakistan at International Forums including the World International Tourism Conference, World Bank, Asian Development Bank. He has enjoyed a very credible status amongst the international Donor Agencies with whom he successfully negotiated Loan agreement. Mr. Sanjrani is a Certified Director from Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG).




 President & CEO 


Mr. Yoshihiko Nanami was appointed as the President & Chief Executive Officer of the Company and member of Human Resource and Remuneration Committee in March 2019.Mr. Yoshihiko Nanami joined Hino Motors Ltd., Japan in 1996 and has over 22 years of diversified working experience at various positions. Mr. Nanami has completed his studies from Keio University, Japan with major in Economics. Mr. Nanami is a Certified director from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA).




 Executive Vice President


Mr. Akira Uchida was appointed as the Director and Executive Vice President of the Company in April 2021. He has overall twenty-five years of experience, including twenty years in different leadership roles with Toyota Group Companies mainly in the Asian and European markets.





Independent Director (Non Executive Director)


Mr. Mushtaq Malik is chosen from the data bank for electing him as Independent Director on the board of directors of the Company.


He is currently the Independent Director of Askari Bank Limited and Chairman of MM Management Consultants. He has served on the boards of Habib Bank Limited and Eco Bank, Istanbul. He has also Chaired Pakistan Electronic and Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and worked as Federal Secretary to the Board of Investment Pakistan.


He holds Masterís degree in Economics and Business Administration with specialization in International Business Management and Finance and is a Certified Director from The Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG).




 Non Executive Director


Mr. Koji Nagata was appointed in February 2021as non-executive director of the Company, member of the Audit Committee and Human Resource and Remuneration Committee. He joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 1985 and Hino Motors Ltd., Japan in 2019.




Non Executive Director

Mr. Akio Ishikawa was appointed in February 2021 as a non-executive director of the Company, member of the Audit Committee, and Human Resource and Remuneration Committee. He joined Hino Motors Limited Japan in 1988.






Independent Director (Non Executive Director)

Ms. Nargis Ghaloo is an Independent non-executive director and member of the Boardís Audit Committee of the Company. She is also serving in the same capacity with JS bank Limited in addition to Risk Management Committee of the Bank.

Ms. Ghaloo is a retired senior civil servant having served the Government of Pakistan in various capacities for 36 years. She retired as the Managing Director Public Procurement Regulatory Authority, Government of Pakistan. Ms. Ghaloo was Chairperson of State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, Pakistanís largest life assurer, from 2014 to 2016. She is also the Chairperson of Alpha Insurance Company Limited.

Ms. Ghaloo joined the Civil Services of Pakistan in 1982, has many years of professional experience serving in senior management positions with provincial as well as federal government departments in diversified fields such as public sector management, administration, financial, judicial, health, insurance and planning.

Ms. Ghaloo did her Masters in English from University of Sindh in 1981 and is a Certified Director from The Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG) and holds Certificate of Corporate Governance from INSEAD and also holds a Certificate in Company Direction from Institute of Directors, UK.






Departmental Head Finance and Company Secretary

Mr. Junaid is a Qualified Chartered Accountant from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. He joined Hinopak Motors Limited in 2011. In addition to the role of Company Secretary he is responsible for Financial Reporting, Taxation, Treasury and Legal Affairs of the Company. Before joining Hinopak Motors Limited he has worked with KPMG Taseer Hadi and Co & Dawood Family Takaful Limited.



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